Wheely Cute Puppy Gets New Set Of Wheels

Heart warming video about an abandoned puppy with malformed front legs. The owner created wheels so that this cute puppy can now run and play in the rugged Colorado terrain! You will love watching this one.

Magic For Dogs

Who doesn’t love a good magic trick?


Especially when you make their treats disappear!

Check out the “What the heck just happened?” expressions on these lovable pooches and see if they enjoy magic for dogs.

Sleepy Puppy

I am not sleepy.

I am NOT sleepy.

Maybe I’m just a little tired…

Time for sleepy puppy to take a nap!

Cute Dogs And Adorable Babies

What happens when you put cute dogs and adorable babies together?

Some funny moments.

Some big FAILS! (Still funny though.)

My favorite might be the kissing collie. What’s yours?

Talking Dog Gets Teased

Teasing a talking dog would be wrong if it weren’t so funny! Watch the facial expressions on this lovable guy.

The voice over work is outstanding. Enjoy this talking dog video then share!